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Blessings in Christ!

Neal R

Friday, July 16, 2010

Update for Sunday morning...July 18th

OK, team, now that I've had some sleep...things are a little clearer...so here's the scoop...

For Sunday morning: Imman on bass

Praise team SATB: Cathy, Linda, Woody & Connie, Larry

"I'm Blessed" F#m Connie leads
"No Other Name" E Linda leads
"Blessed be Your Name" Bb Neal leads
"Your Name" - Bb Neal/Connie leads

Sun evening: Jim Wise and Gene lead. Woody on keyboard, Imman on bass

Praise team SATB: Faith, Dana & Linda, Connie, Larry

Everlasting God - Bb ?? leads
Forever A Larry leads
Here I am to Worship C Linda leads
As the Deer C Linda leads

Did I forget anything? Don't be shy in letting me know... (except Connie)

Thank you again for extending grace to me last night in my sleep deprived state...From what I can remember, I think I was a little "punchy" (like after receiving many blows to the head in a boxing match)

Love ya,

See ya Sunday morning--


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For this week...July 16th

Hey team,

Here are a couple of ideas for this week:

"I'm blessed" Connie leads
"Turn it Around" Linda leads
"Let God Arise" Neal leads
"I Receive" Linda leads
"Still" Linda leads

See you at rehearsal Thursday night!


Monday, July 5, 2010

For this week...July 11th

Hey everyone,

We have choir rehearsal Wed (the choir is on this Sunday)
We have band rehearsal Thur.

Here are some of the songs that are in my spirit for this week...

"I'm Blessed" (song that Pastor has played in service) Connie leads
"Blessed be Your Name" (Redman) Neal leads
"Makes me Want to Shout" ?? leads
"Hosanna" (Holy Holy Holy) Neal leads

Do you have any ideas? Let me know...

Remember why you're blessed this week....to be a blessing to someone!